Is ethanol blended/based fuel better for the environment?

Most of us are aware of the fact that ethanol based fuel pollutes the environment less than the same amount of hydrocarbon based fuel but are we being told the full story?

Caltex_new_decal_-_with_handThe short answer is no.

I’ll try to keep it simple, any measure of ethanol blended fuel does in fact pollute the environment less than the equivilent amount of hydrocarbon based fuel & the octane rating is generally the same or higher than the hydrocarbon equivilant but what we are forgetting is the energy content of fuel.

Most people who have used ethanol blended fuel will have noticed a reduction in fuel economy anywhere from 30-50%.

So if you need 30-50% more fuel to travel the same distance you are in fact creating more pollution as you are burning more fuel to cover the same distance.

In theory the use of ethanol based fuel sounds good but the benefits are negligible to say the least.

In order to have less emmisions the fuel being burnt must burn completely, any unburnt fuel becomes pollution.

Due to the higher energy content, a car using premium fuel will travel a greater distance per litre than a car using standard unleaded or ethanol blend, this in turn means less pollution per kilometre.

Labratory testing is so different to real world testing.

Drive smart, drive safe.