Benefits of Using a Mobile Mechanic

Let a mobile mechanic service your car, saving you the hassle of taking time off work, organising a lift to & from a workshop, or waiting around while your car is hidden down the back of a workshop.

There are many benefits of getting a mobile mechanic to service or repair your car compared to a standard workshop. A technically certified mobile mechanic can help you save time, money, & also head aches.

Hassle Free Vehicle Mainteneance.

Have your car fixed without dragging the kids around town. Don’t worry about organising how you’ll drop your car off, picking it up, & what are you going to do while your car is at the workshop.

Maintain Your New Car Warranty

Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t bound to to have logbook servicing at the dealer or by a specific business to maintain your warranty. Contracts that stipulate car services must be done at workshop “x” is prevented by competition & consumer policies. You can have your car service done anywhere provided that the mechanic uses genuine or equivalent parts, is operating from a registered automotive repair business, & is trade qualified or an apprentice working with a trade qualified mechanic. This also includes mobile mechanics.

Flexible Operating Hours

Most mobile mechanics including Automotive All-Stars are available on Saturdays which is quite handy as break-downs don’t usually take time off. It can be hectic & frustrating at the best of times to get to work on time so why not get the mechanic to come to you? You can go about your normal day while your car gets a service or maintenance work done with no inconvenience to you. Now that’s handy.

No Hidden Charges

Automotive All-Stars offer fixed price servicing & repairs plus the benefit of coming to you. Minor, Major, & Logbook servicing, brakes, cooling system, & all other repairs are all fixed price, keeping you in control & within budget. All parts & labour supplied by Automotive All-Stars are covered by a nation-wide warranty & your vehicle gets it’s own file detailing what was done, where, & what future repairs may be required. You get a copy of this too, so there are no future surprises either.

Family Owned & Operated

We are always happy to go that step further. Bigger national mobile mechanics employ mechanics that perform the same task day in, day out, & with strict budgets to meet. Some may lose pride in their work, begrudge working for the man, or worse still, might be rude or not really care. They earn the same whether they work hard or do little. Your pride & joy may recieve the the bare minimum. Using a family owned business is appreciated by me, Don, the owner, & our image & reputation is on the line each & every time. I rely on referrals, so I’m prepared to please you, & maintain high standards every single time. I also happen to love working on cars, always have, ever since I picked up my first spanner, aged 8.

Well there’s a few benefits to using a mobile mechanic & a few benefits to using me. For further information contact me directly via email, phone, sms, Facebook or Google+

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