Recommended Car Care Products

Ever wondered what products are being used in your vehicle? Or asked “did I really need that for my car”? Read about the benefits of some of the leading car care products we use when servicing your car.


  • Intake System De-carboniser
  • Engine Flush
  • Fuel system & injector cleaner

Fuel Injector Cleaner

Fuel Injector Cleaner is a multi-functional petrol fuel additive   that  will   provide  overall  system  cleanliness  for  prolonged operating life. It is specifically recommended for vehicles using E10 and unleaded petrol. The injector cleaner quickly removes accumulated fuel combustion deposits which helps to restore power and fuel economy.


  • Overall fuel system cleanliness for prolonged operating life.
  • Improve lubricity for prolonged pump and injector life.
  • Corrosion protection for fuel system component particularly in the presence of ethanol.
  • Deposit control to prevent carburettor, injector and intake system deposits.
  • Formulated to provide maximum fuel filter life.
  • Water shedding properties prevent emulsion at fuel-water interface.

Engine Flush

Engine Flush additive should be used in all engine types because contaminants build up as a result of combustion. When used as directed, Engine Flush will clean, lubricate the entire system, restore lost power, and help restore engine efficiency. Using Engine Flush before every oil change will extend the life of the engine.


  • Reduces sludge and varnish.
  • Frees hydraulic lifters.
  • Cleans piston rings.
  • Restores compression.
  • Lubricates upper cylinders and valve stems.

Intake System De-carboniser

Intake System De-carboniser is specially formulated to clean the air intake system and combustion chamber without the need to dismantle the engine. The unique additives used in Intake System De-carboniser reduces engine pinging, cleans up the dirty fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers restoring your engine to maximum performance & fuel efficiency. It is safe for use in vehicles with fuel injectors, carburettors, catalytic converters and emission control devices.


  •  Cleans throttle plates.
  • Cleans intake manifold.
  • Cleans combustion chamber.
  • Removes gum, varnish, sludge and carbon deposits.
  • Improves power, acceleration and fuel economy.
  • Suitable for carburettor and fuel injection systems.
  • Reduces exhaust emissions.