Importance of checking your engine’s oil

Over time the engine oil in your car gradually gets consumed. Studies show that one in four cars on Australian roads is low on oil, at risk of severe damage.

In order to keep your car running at it’s best & to avoid damage to the engine’s internal components it’s essentail that the oil level is checked between periodic logbook service, standard safety service or major service.

Simply popping the bonnet & checking the engine dipstick once a week or month (depending on vehicle condition & age) will ensure all vital parts are being lubricated. Every now & then I find cars that won’t start due to seized engine internals. Repairs are very costly or the car may even be written off, they all could have been saved by a bottle of oil that met the manufacturers specs.

Also, daily driving puts strain on your car, including the engine oil.

Lots of short trips,sitting in traffic jams, prolonged high speed driving & driving with a heavy load significantly increases the strain.

It is vital to have your car serviced at regular intervals to remove contaminated oil, & for a safety inspection at a minimum.