Improve your Engines Efficiency

De-carbonising your engine during car servicing helps restore lost power, improve fuel economy, & reduces pollution.

Automotive All-Stars de-carbonise your engine with every major service. We are the only mobile mechanics that do this as an inclusion and not an extra.

Carbon builds up as a result of combustion & is present after only 20,000km of driving. It’s directly caused by the burning of fuel, oil burning in older engines, & from emmision control systems, fitted to all vehicles sold in Australia. Carbon build up coats the induction system, valves, & pistons causing reduced engine efficiency, loss of power & increased fuel consumption & pollution. It also affects idle control & associated components.

During a Major Service carried out by Automotive All-Stars mobile mechanics, de-carboniser is sprayed into the throttle body. This initial application removes carbon build up from inside the throttle body, induction manifold, valves & piston crowns. This is allowed to sit so the foaming action of the de-carboniser can eat away carbon build up.

Then more is sprayed into the induction system while the engine is running to penetrate deeply into the induction system, pistons & rings, & exhaust manifold.

Independent dyno testing carried out by HPF, a leader in Australian performance tuning netted a healthy 7kw & 20nm gain at the wheels on a Mitsubishi Lancer. A 6.2 kw & 20nm at the wheels gain was also noted on a Holden V8. Both testes were carried out on 04/03/04.

Interestingly Subaru recommends engine de-carbonising on all their petrol driven vehicles.

By reffering to the before & after images on the following page you can see how the carbon cleaning has removed nearly all the carbon build up allowing free flowing air into the engine, thus restoring power.

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