Tips on selling your car faster

Give yourself an edge when selling your car in a huge market.


I’ve already blogged on how to buy a used car so I thought it might be a good idea to help you sell your car.


Well it might seem obvious but the presentation of your car will make the difference between potential buyers showing interest or just walking away.

Make your car look slick, make sure it’s clean, inside & out & add tyre shine to the tyres. Polish the car so it gleams like a car that’d catch your eye. Also, clean the engine bay & tyre shine all the plastics & rubbers in the engine bay & around the car.

Alternatively get it professionally cleaned by a detailer or go to a car wash cafe & watch it being done while you sit back, relax, & sip a latte.


Make sure basic mechanical repairs have been tended to. Fix or replace dodgy windscreens & wiper blades, make sure all the lights work & tend to broken items such as the stereo, ripped upholestry, & bald tyres. Get a Safety Certificate & welcome a potential buyers idea of an independant inspection from a qualified mechanic. How would you take it if you wanted to buy a car & the seller said “No, you can’t have it inspected by RACQ or the like.”


Make sure the ad you place is realistic. No point mis-representing the car car or wasting your own time when potential buyers find that the car on offer isn’t what they were looking for. Be descriptive about the make & model, colour, kilometres travelled, service history, & be sure to mention all the extras that come with the car you’re offering for sale.

A picture tells a thousand words so get high quality photos for your ad, & the more pictures a potential buyers gets to see, the better.


Here again make sure the price your after is realistic in regards to the market value of your car taking into account it’s service history, extras on offer, & over-all condition. Be careful with pricing, too high & you won’t get any interest, too low & people will wonder whats wrong with the car.


Most buyers will want an independent inspection so why not provide one for them? A Pre-Purchase Inspection with a written report coupled with a Safety Certificate is a sure fire way to sell your car sooner as you’ve taken all the hard work out for any potential buyers. They’ll also feel more confident when parting with their hard earned cash.


Before you hand over the keys make sure the potential buyer has a current driver’s licence. Ask your insurance company if there are any restrictions on who can drive your car & what the excess may be if something goes horribly wrong. It’s a good idea to go with the potential buyer to ensure the car is treated with respect & not just thrashed around the block, & to make sure the car actually comes back! If you don’t want to go with them or can’t go with them on the test drive take their licence & the keys to their car as security deposit.

There you go, I hope this info has helped you make your car stand out from the crowd while it’s being offered for sale. For any further enquiries or if you’d like me to do a Pre-Purchase Inspection on your current car, or for a car you wish to buy please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind regards