Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not listed below, please ask us directly:

Q. How much will it cost for a mechanic to come to me?
A. Nothing, we don't charge any extra fees or charges beyond our standard service pricing. If however you need a mechanic for a diagnostic nature we charge a standard $100 callout fee to cover our running costs but this fee is waivered if you agree to us fixing your car so you will only pay for the cost of repairs.

Q. How do I know the cost of fixing my car?
A. We will always show you the problem and give you a fixed price quote before we carry out any repairs or services.

Q. Will calling a mobile mechanic cost me more than taking my car to the dealer?
A. You would think it costs more but it does not. In fact with our parts supply partners we can do the job cheaper than the dealer using parts and lubricants that meet and usually exceed manufactures requirements. Also we don't have a giant garage with huge rent or overhead costs to be added to the bottom line. We save so you save too.

Q. How long will it take to service or repair my car?
A. It depends on the nature of the service or repair that is required. Upon looking we can give you an accurate time frame. Rest assured that because we charge per job and not by the hour, your bill will never below out of proportion. Our fixed price quotes also give additional piece of mind that you won't get a bill greater that what you expected.

Q. My car is still under warranty, should I take it to the dealer for servicing and repairs?
A. We will never persuade you one way or another but we recommend that you take a minute to read our guarantee including what the ACCC says about new car servicing. In Australia you have rights and what the ACCC says is the law.

Q. What if the repair does not work or it fails at a later date?
A. We put a nationwide guarantee on all our parts and labour for 12 months/20,000 km. So if we make a mistake or a part(s) fails we come back and fix it at no charge to you. Just keep in mind vehicles used for racing or that have been abused since the repair may fall outside our normal guarantee policy.

Q. Do you document all your work?
A. Yes, all our job sheets and customer invoices are duplicated and kept for 7 years beyond the invoice date. A vehicle history is formed documenting when the work was performed, how much it cost and any future service, maintenance recommended is also documented. You have access to this information just call. NOTE: This information is good when selling your car too!

Q. How do I know if my car needs additional repairs?
A. Glad you asked. One of the benefits of using a mobile mechanic is your car is there for all to see and not hidden down back of a workshop. We will show you what we've found and explain why it needs attention and what's involved

Q. Can you service/repair my car anywhere?
A. We would go anywhere if we could but sometimes there is an exception. We cover Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redland Bay and the Northern end of the Gold Coast. We need access to a power point and prefer hard level ground. For safety and environmental reasons we are excluded by law from shopping centres and busy roads or highways

Q. What kind of parts and lubricants do you use when servicing or repairing my car?
A. We only use parts and lubricants that at a minimum, meet your car manufacturers requirements. In fact in most cases our products exceed manufacturer requirements. We strive to find the best parts and lubricants for your car and update them as they released onto the market. you will feel the difference and with our buying power you will usually pay the same for an inferior product elsewhere.

Q. What happens if my car can’t be repaired at my location?
A. In these cases we will let you know what we can do or refer you to one of our trusted associates. We also have a flat based tow- trucked with a courteous driver.

Q. What is Statutory Warranty?
A. Statutory Warranties are implied by law and give consumers a minimum level of protection for goods and services. Statutory Warranties are different to Express Warranties. A dealer or manufacturer may give an Express Warranty to a customer, such as a 1 year or 20,000 km warranty on a new car. An Express Warranty will have its own conditions which you should review. However, these conditions cannot override Statutory Warranties.

Find out more on What ACCC Says About New Car Statutory Warranties.